Coffee Hour

On the first Sunday of each month (except summer), volunteer Soup Chefs bring soup, and the rest of us bring "something simple" to go with it. Serving as a Soup Chef is a fun opportunity to try a new recipe or share an old favorite. Look for the sign-up board, or ask Aiya.

We invite you to participate in our mission of hospitality by helping serve coffee and refreshments on Sunday.

Anyone can bring cookies to share at coffee hour at any time. If you have extra cookies at your home, bring them during the week and stash them in the church freezer.

If you're around early on Sunday morning, you can start the coffee, set up the cups, and — after checking to see if fresh cookies have arrived — bring some cookies out of the freezer, to be served in their freezer containers.

Each person who drinks coffee or tea is responsible for place their cup in the dishwasher rack in the kitchen, or ask someone to do it for you.

Note: If you wish to bring other goodies which require plates or silverware, such as a celebratory cake or pie, you will be responsible to bring disposable tableware or arrange for clean-up.

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