Erik Petterson

The Lion

In one way,
we all had our head
in the lion's jaws.

We should never
let that experience
remove anything.

If it did,
just put it back
and let it heal.

It only offered us a lesson.

That lion
is now
a rug

Our backward glances, turning glances,
forever over-the-shoulder glances,
create those very same red eyes
staring back at us from the edge of darkness.

Our fear essentially becomes our personal boogyman.
And as we hate our boogyman
we also become used to him.
Grow to need him.

Those jaws we had our head within
haunt us all, each of us, in the very same way.

We give the fear a life.
We nurture it.
It tells our story.

Without a story,
we fear we'd cease to exist.

In different forms
to meet our needs,
we give the boogyman a way to threaten us.

The story serves a purpose.

It defines us
in the very way
that it plagues us.

Perhaps, all we need to do
is to stop imagining disaster —
then, this imagined fear
will go away.

To face fear, is to face forward —
not backward.

To challenge it,
is to walk away from it.

To defeat it,
is to forget it.

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