Marlene Curnow

Winter Blessing

I love my body.
I love all bodies as temples of Spirit.
It is that Spirit
that pulsates through both form and formless,
calling us to awaken.

For me, that Spirit, God, is
the healing love that connects all life.
It is my limited beliefs and misperceptions
that create a veil
between me and infinite love.
I yearn to sculpt my soul
in relationship to this divine energy.

I am deeply grateful for the freedom of my childhood,
to explore the wonder, awe, and beauty
of the natural world — trees, birds, ants, worms, flowers,
lightning bugs, earth, snow, rain, wind, and thunder.
I felt a oneness
yet had no name for this presence.

It was through the gift of my body
that I found my way through life,
feeling exquisite textures —
tree bark, fallen leaves, mud, earthworms.
All my senses brought me
into an intimate relationship with beauty.

The passion awakened
from beholding the beauty in a flower
is the same beauty that lies within our innermost essence.
Beauty ignites passion,
and it is that passion that guides me.

Behold the body,
with its miraculous balancing systems!
It is a hologram reflecting the magical rhythm of the Cosmos.
Stars, mountains, oceans
create an interconnected whole.
From glacier to human,
from polar bear to algae
all are in communion.

It is in sacred stillness
that I receive God’s guidance,
this place of healing.
“Be still and know that I am God.”

I bow to this and pray…
Thank you for your healing love.


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