Melissa Page

Swimming to God

I hesitate as I stand on the edge of surrender.
We have done this many times,
And still my body rebels
And my mind bargains
As we wait for this moment to coalesce.

You will not beg, but merely beckon.
It is my longing that must overcome the fear.
I must choose to dive
Into your embrace —
Consumed, absorbed, transformed,
Absolutely open —
To claim the suffocating kiss that seals my lips
And every orifice of my desire.

This is not a love of equals.
You demand a trust beyond reason,
A total acceptance of your power.

And yet, And yet,
I have come to know the sureness of your touch
And the sweet sensitivity with which you stroke my skin
And guide my body in the sensuous motion
Required in this realm.
As you surround me,
My heart is yours, your heart is mine.

I know,
Even as the demands of my earthly existence
Call me back to shore,
Our bond can never be broken.
You have taught me how to swim.
Someday when I come to you
I will no longer have to breathe.

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