March 2010

Hilda Maston

Senior Slant
Through A Glass Damply

by Hilda Maston

The fog is blotting out the view from my window, and the moss is creeping along the edge of the sidewalk. My car seems damp when I crawl into it on these rainy mornings. Nothing I have in my closet to wear feels dry. In spite of this, I love the weather we experience here in Kitsap County.

I spent 30 years living in the middle of Ohio. Ohio weather was nice part of the time, but I like Kitsap weather all the time. In Ohio, when we wanted to sit outside on a nice summer evening, many insects made their present known. There were ravenous mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and many others who didn’t bother to introduce themselves. They just bit and ran.

Another thing I like about the weather here is that we don’t often suffer great ranges in temperature. In Ohio, the summer temperatures can run anywhere from 70° to 100° Fahrenheit. It gets very uncomfortable. I spent many days trapped at home by the air conditioner.

Then there is the winter, which varies greatly in temperature. From cold to colder. It runs from about 20° above to 20° below zero. Around here, it usually gets below freezing once a year for a few days. Just enough to let you know you’ve had winter.

Here, once the season changes, you pretty much know what to expect… it’s going to be raining most of the time. But I kind of like the rain. I have a killer raincoat, and about a dozen umbrellas, some of which I can find at when I need them.

The other thing I like about my adopted home is the trees. Ohio has trees, pretty nice ones, but nothing like the giant fir and hemlock trees that grow here. Along the roads there are miles of solid green that rest the eyes tired from too much TV.

Mild and green. Even if it’s only moss, what more could you ask for?

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