April 2012

Senior Slant:

by Hilda Maston

Have you ever been told to “Act your age”?

I have, and I have often wondered what age? The age I am or the age I am acting to get away with some bad behavior?

Now I am 90 years old and I have never been 90 before, so I’m not sure if I’m acting my age or not.

I have an idea that most people have the same problem.

Take a politician — are you ever sure of the person’s true age, and if you knew it, would you know if he is acting his age when he signs a bill that changes all our destinies?

How about actors? Do they act their age, or do they act the age they play for the roles they are performing? Probably a little of both.

In modern times it is even more unclear.

We hear that 50 is today’s 40, and today’s 30 is really 20. So if we keep this up, we will have a very large grammar school population in the future.

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