May 2012

Senior Slant:

Happy Hour

by Hilda Maston

Imagine a room full of happy, visiting people, exchanging greetings, drinking coffee, and catching up on last week’s news. This is the coffee hour at our church.

A busy group of coffee servers on any Sunday pour juice for the kids, keep the coffee urns full and put out treats they have brought — some homemade. They keep everything going.

Tom might not agree with me on this, but in my opinion the coffee hour is one of the most important events that occur in this church. It is the most valuable information exchange we have, where we can catch up on good news, and share not-so-good news.

Of course, there are many other events that capture our interest during any week, but coffee hour is so vital because what happens there is what happens in any family — two-way communication!

Babies’ antics, older kids going off to college, new jobs, new opportunities, sickness and health — every kind of news is exchanged and discussed.
Church politics are often mentioned — is politics a dirty word? After all this is an election year.

All in all the coffee hour is an exciting time in our church week. While you enjoy it, remember to tip your hat to the people who pour that delicious coffee and furnish the lovely treats.

Thanks to them all.

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