March 2011

Senior Slant:
Fate: Friend or Foe?

by Hilda Maston

Somewhere in the universe some thing has decreed that whenever you get an unexpected sum of money, fate will find a way to take that money away from you.

I’ll bet all of you have experienced this and know how it works. For instance, your company gives you an unexpected bonus. Great, now you can buy that new outfit. You soon find out, however, that the fates have created a leak in your roof just in time to use up that bonus. No new outfit!

Your stock declares an extra dividend. The new outfit is again possible but — "Uh, oh!" — the plumbing backs up and the plumber walks away with your new outfit.

You work hard and save up some money. That new outfit is almost in your closet when your car battery dies and your mechanic points out that your left front tire has a bulge in the sidewall and needs to be replaced. After the new battery and new front tire are installed that new outfit is just a memory.

I would love to know who started this notion that whenever you get a windfall, an expensive problem must immediately take it all away. I also would like to know how the fates always seem to know when you get that extra money.

It’s kind of spooky, isn’t it?

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