Barbara Balkus

Dancing With God

Take my life and let me love you
God who first of all loved me.
Take my hand; we'll dance together
Now and through eternity.

  Laughing we will dance the Charleston
Crying a slow waltz will do
Playfully we'll dance the tango
Day and night I'll dance with you
Fearlessly we'll travel forward
Partnered in life's dance are we
Facing each new day's adventure
Hand in hand you set me free.
Daring to embrace each other
We reach out to others too
Hoping all will join together
Dancing life away with you
Gay and straight, and mingled races
Young and old, may all take part
Joining hands we come together
In the dance that joins our heart.
All are part of your creation
Your love is the binding glue
Take our hands; we’ll dance together
Day and night we'll dance with you

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