Our Facility


Overall the sanctuary encompasses 1,880 sq ft.

Main room: 31 ft x 47 ft
Stage: 21 ft x 12 ft
Entry: 15 ft x 12 ft


The Sanctuary is a beautiful, intimate space with contemporary stained glass windows. Pews and chairs can be arranged in an arch to face a stained glass window of Puget Sound or face-front to make use of the stage.

The stage is lit (not for theater) with two full-length steps.

Presentation to a large group in the Sanctuart There is a separate entryway outside of the main room which can be used as a welcoming area.

This room also has:

  • Professional sound system
  • Projector
  • Two screens: 12 ft x 18 ft and 5 ft x 5 ft
  • Organ
  • Baby grand piano
  • Conga drums

The room seats up to about 150 people.

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