Policies are absolutes, with no exceptions. All policies must be voted upon by the congregation. At the Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting in January 2005, the congregation voted for the following policies to “supercede/replace all existing policies.”

The Policies of the Church are:
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, and illegal weapons are prohibited from church property. (1/05)

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the church building. (1/05)

  • When speaking/writing in the public forum, it will be clearly stated who is doing the speaking and that they are speaking only as their position allows. The Board of Boards may authorize certain individuals or groups to communicate in the name of the church. (1/16)
    Review of Grant Proposals (pdf)

  • To ensure the privacy of individuals and the sensitivity of issues, a Confidentiality Statement will be signed by all board members, paid and volunteer staff, and anyone whose role within the church has a sensitive nature, for example but not limited to, Financial Secretary, money counters, Called to Care, Church School and Youth leaders. (1/05)

  • Anyone whose role within the church is to work with children and/or youth will have a current Washington State Background Investigation Form on file with the church office. (1/05)

The following was adopted by the congregation at the Semi-Annual meeting in January 2013:

Guidelines and Procedures

Guidelines and Procedures are adopted by boards to provide organization and consistency in their activities.

These include:

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