March 2013


The Prayer Shawl Ripple Effect

by Bev Staaden

We gave my niece, Jennifer, a prayer shawl about three and half years ago when she had to separate from her daughter Emily’s father.

Jenn explained to her girls about prayer shawls and where they come from (our church Prayer Shawl Ministry). She uses hers for comfort, not only for herself, but has often wrapped the girls in it and cuddled up with them whenever they had problems, hurts or difficulties.

Last summer when Abby (age 12) was preparing for Girl Scout Camp, Jenn discovered that Abby had packed the family prayer shawl in with her camp gear! Jenn explained that the shawl was meant to be kept at home for family use because it might be needed while she was at camp.

This fall Jenn contacted me and asked if it would be possible for me to make shawls for each of the girls for Christmas.

Of course, I said yes. I chose variegated yarns in the girls’ favorite colors and went to work.

I presented them at Christmas, along with notes about how they could be used. They could wrap themselves in their shawls whenever they needed warmth or comfort, whenever they were feeling lonely or anxious, or to remind themselves that they are loved.

I understand that both girls keep them on their beds and use them regularly. Emmy (age 7) comes to breakfast in her jammies and wrapped in her prayer shawl every morning. When she gets ready for school, she leaves it draped around her favorite stuffed animal!

Note: For more information about prayer shawls, or about knitting them, contact Bev Staaden or Charlene Snyder.

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