We believe in the power of prayer. Many of us have experienced it directly.

Transitions &

As a loving church community,
we hold each other in prayer.

May 19:

This afternoon, as the rain fell outside, at 2:55 pm our magnificent and beloved Dan Nichols took his last breath, with Beth at his side. God bless your journey dearest one. We grieve but celebrate your freedom. Lift your wings and fly.

As we know more about Beth's and the Nichols family's wishes, we'll pass that information on to you.
May 17:

I want to let you know that our beloved long-time Suquamish Church member Lilly Panteleeff has died. She just slowly faded away over a short time, and her family stayed with her until the end.

Tom is talking with the family. As yet we have no word yet about memorial sevices.
Dan Nichols – May 13:

Through the night it became clear that the leukemia is moving faster than any treatment that can be tried. Today the focus will be on getting Dan home, with Hospice for support. He is so exhausted, the move will be challenging for him but that's where he wants to be and where his family wants him to be. There isn't a lot of time, maybe measured in days. The horses are headed home but home is a different destination than expected.

Please understand that Beth may or may not be able to answer the phone but is so aware of all your love and support. She will be asking for help, and expects to be needing lots of it in the coming days.
Dan Nichols – May 12:

The going is rough here for Dan. He is battling symptoms of the graft vs host disease as well as the leukemia, and now the chemotherap​y effects and a blood infection. He needed a blood transfusion today and IV antibiotics and lots of antinausea drugs. He’s weak and he’s having trouble eating.
Dan Nichols – May 8:

On Thursday, Dan Nichols had a regular appointment with Dr Willerford in Poulsbo, and he found that Dan’s white cell count was abnormally high. They re-tested it, and examined the cells and found they were the immature “blasts”, the leukemia cells growing again. No! It doesn’t seem to make any sense. Dan has not felt any worse and we thought he was continuing on course, so this is hard to even believe. The timing now, when we had just begun to exhale and enjoy home and a healing road, is particularly heartbreaking. Conferring with the SCCA yesterday, it looks like in the medical realm there are a few approaches they can take but we will find out more on Monday.

So, we are asking all of you folks who have supported us all along to hold us in your strong prayers, to lift us up in your hearts and thoughts. We don’t know where this new situation is going to take us and we are in great need of your prayers. We continue to believe in the miracle of healing and hold that possibility as very real. That’s where we ask you to focus your attention. We hold onto faith and trust in the great Weaver of Life, who makes all things possible, (although sometimes not understandable from where we stand.) The miracle of the outpouring of love that you have gifted us with has been a treasure all along and we know that you continue to walk with us on this next portion of the road. For now we're just living in this day, seeing its beauty.
May 5:

It is with deep sorrow that I write to tell of Bill Karr's death. Bill died shorthly after noon today. Marilyn and the rest of his family were with him, and Pastor Tom also was honored to be there. He told me it was a beautiful experience.

Since this was somewhat unexpected, we are not sure of what is needed yet. I have a list of people who have offered food, etc., and I will let them know when they can do something. You can reply and add yourselves if you like. The Karrs are just starting their journey home, and we probably should give them some time to adjust before we try to call or visit.

We ask for prayers for these folks, and for their friends and families as they make their way through this time of uncertainty.
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