February 2013

The Next Decade

by Pastor Tom Thresher

It has been a busy year!

The Community Kitchen continues to serve delicious food four Wednesdays a month.

Sound Spirit offers diverse, cutting-edge spiritual classes.

Suquamish Common House has gathered about 40 participants and had its first ceremony on December 22.

Called to Care continues to attend to the needs of our congregation and beyond.

The Aquaponics system is up and running.

TAGS continues to challenge belief structures.

Classes on Faith in the Quantum Age motivate profound conversation.

Book club continues.

The Boards continue to function magnificently.

The church got painted.

New and revised contemplative services are emerging.

The staff performed brilliantly.

I still missed a few things (apologies).

We continue to be an amazing church.

Most of these classes and projects will continue over the coming months. I will add an advanced class in Transformational Inquiry beginning February 8. And, based on new insights from a wonderful workshop on January 19, I will offer a new class on the Gospel of Thomas (hopefully with Kim Beyer-Nelson).

A longer-term, church-wide discussion will ramp up February 10th to explore where we want to go together over the next decade. In a rapidly changing culture with huge implications for the church, the question is: How can we best serve the needs of both our own community and our neighbors over the next decade and continue to thrive? I don’t have answers — who does? This will be an open-ended discussion.

I look forward to your participation.

Blessings …   Tom

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