Yearbook 2012
"An Evolving Church"
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Welcome to ‘An Evolving Church’
Suquamish Congregation
…An Evolving Church
An Evolving Church
Board of Administration
Board of Trustees
Diaconate Board
New Members: An Evolving Tapestry
Worship: Alternative Services
Music Always Evolves
Adult Education
Preaching Parishioners
Sound Spirit
Kids & Youth
Evolving in Our Relationships With Each Other
Evolving in Our Relationships With Our Community
Peninsula UCC: An Affiliated Congregation
Outreach: Special Collections
Stewardship Opportunities
How Much is Enough?
Dollars & Sense
In Memoriam
Last Page


We invite you to look through and enjoy this 2012 yearbook of the Suquamish United Church of Christ.

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Enjoy this yearbook!

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