Yearbook 2010
"Sharing the Journey"

Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Journey’
Suquamish Congregation… An Evolving Church
Sharing Our Journey
Church Organization
Board of Administration
Board of Trustees
Diaconate Board
Preaching Parishioners
Adult Education
Kids & Youth
Global Missions
Sound Spirit
A Look at Our Journey: Interacting
A Look at Our Journey: Helping Others
Outreach: Special Collections
Outreach: Change for Change
Stewardship Opportunities
How Much is Enough?
Dollars & Sense
In Memorium
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We invite you to look through and enjoy this 2010 yearbook of the Suquamish United Church of Christ.

We hope you will enjoy learning — or reminiscing — about the rich variety of our programs. You can browse through the pages here, or download a printer-friendly version to print your own copy.

Then prayerfully consider your ability to make a generous financial pledge to support these programs in 2011. Please let us know what your estimated giving will be, so we can plan the programs we will be able to provide.

By submitting a pledge form — even if you choose not to pledge — we will know that you have had an opportunity to see this yearbook.

A small number of hard-copy yearbooks are being routed among people who don't have access to a computer. If you would like to see a hard-copy, several are located at the church. If you have any problems getting hold of one, please LET US KNOW.

The routes for the hard-copy yearbooks will be completed so the yearbooks and pledges can be received and celebrated on Sunday, November 1.

Enjoy this yearbook!

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