About Us

Welcome to a Progressive Christian Community!

We believe in God; that which can be sensed but never grasped by the mind. We engage this Sacred Mystery both as the essential nature of our being and in relationship. We believe that God has been revealing and will continue to reveal the power of life in creation, healing, and relationships of love throughout history.

We believe the Divine lives us, breathes us, thinks us, is us. We understand “sin” to be ignorance of our essential divine nature. We believe that Jesus (Yeshua) realized his true nature as the Christ, Child of God. As we move toward recognition of our true nature, we move toward the Christ in ourselves.

We turn to the sacred texts, including the Bible, allowing scripture to meet us and inspire us as it resonates with and challenges our own spirituality.

We believe in compassionate service to our community and the world and in deepening our inner connection with the Divine as our guide for action.

We respect the power of the Holy Spirit, which works in each person differently. We believe there are many ways to understand, live, and worship within the Christian tradition. We are nurturing a church community that welcomes individuals at any stage of their faith journey.

—From the “What We Believe” section of our Constitution and Bylaws

We live in a fast-paced world, and we’re all in over our heads.
Surprisingly, it is churches that are the new agent for evolutionary change. The evolving church supports and nurtures individuals as they awaken spiritually.
We’re asking questions — questions that expand our horizons, and help us thrive in the 21st century.
We invite you… Come join us!