There are many ways that you can support the church while putting your interests and talents into action. Here are just a few!
  • Help with Coffee Hour refreshments
  • Provide food for special events such as birthday parties
  • Make coffee on Sunday mornings
  • Operate the dishwasher
  • Help with landscape maintenance
  • Assist with a variety of church maintenance projects
Reaching Out to Our Community
  • Participate in Suquamish Community Kitchen
  • Contribute to our food pantry
  • Participate in local groups working on social and environmental justice
Worship Services
  • Sing or play a musical instrument
  • Help plan worship services
  • Serve as a liturgist, assisting the Pastor during worship
  • Help prepare or serve communion
Young People
  • Join the Children and Youth Programs Committee
  • Help with the annual rummage sale or Christmas bazaar
  • Assist with capital campaigns
  • Contribute to emergency response needs
Caring Ministries
  • Knit a prayer shawl
  • Participate in the Called to Care committee
  • Help decorate the sanctuary
  • Bring flowers on a Sunday morning
  • Make crafts for the Christmas bazaar
  • Create centerpieces for tables in the social hall